lonely boy

Lonely Boy is an entertainment company based out of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. From what started as an independent record by for sunday (Cameron Greenawalt) – has since transformed into much more. While lonely boy records still remains an independent music label, the potential seemed to be much greater. Lonely Boy is a music and media production house in which we share and create art that we love. The umbrella in the our logo is symbolic of loneliness and comfort, while the yellow symbolizes nostalgia. Share your umbrella with others on the rainy days, for we all get lonely from time to time. 





Cameron Broadhurst is the co-founder of Lonely Boy Records. He has been working and collaborating with Sunday for the last 5 years and when he heard from Sunday about the Lonely Boy idea, he was all in to help.  He’s considered one of the creative minds behind anything production, but specializes in photography and cinematography for Lonely Boy.